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A Quick Introduction to Area 46

We’ve redesigned video production to be a great experience. Plus, easy to afford Videography.

Flexible Coverage.

Choose exactly the coverage you want for your event. Or for planned video productions, we can accommodate any schedule.

Editing is Optional.

Raw footage is free with every order. By default we won’t edit your event or video production unless you decide we should.

5-Star Rated.

We are Harare’s highest and top rated video production company. Customer satisfaction is our thing, across hundreds of projects.

Control Everything.

With our Video Package Builder you can customize every detail of the event or video production exactly as you see fit.

Film On-demand.

We know you’re busy. That’s why we have standby video professionals available every day of the year, ready to work.

High Quality.

Our digital download is higher quality than DVDs and physical media. Our cameras can easily film at broadcast-level quality.

Who Are We?

We are a team with a core focus on Video Production specialising in Food & Beverage.

We work across several sectors but the majority of our clients are in the FMCG industry.  We take pride in working on the latest trends when it comes to Digital Content Production – with a clear Sales focus.  We are a B2B company


What We Can Do For You!

We take pride in being able to deliver great quality video to help you celebrate your brands and increase engagement on social media and sales via your established distribution channels

How We Like To Work…

A client /service provider relationship is counterproductive as it the on the premise that the client has awarded a contract and expects a specific result. A successful project result, which satisfies all parties involved, usually requires work from all sides, in particular, regular communication with one another. Our recruitment is focused around anyone striving for high performance in the workplace, goals are very necessary things.

Get Started in the Video Content Creation Business – we have $100 000 worth of prizes you could win.




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