Jared (16) and Rebecca (14) wanted to respond to the COVID-19 impact on our regular Sunday Worship and our first Sunday we followed the mass from Jesuit Institute in South Africa and we loved being able to connect with the wider African Church and join in spiritual communion with them.

Mass at Area 46 – COVID – 19

But it wasn’t as relevant or as contextually appropriate so they approached me to volunteer to set up a live broadcast.  My response was YES.

The two Joe’s

Tuesday – 17:50 – Joe Bunga reached out to Joe Arimoso and asked him if he would be willing to celebrate mass online and by 18:41 – we had a go.  We both agreed that we would use this as a learning experience and see how we could reach our regular community.

Broadcast – St George’s Whatsapp Group

This whatsapp group was setup at 20:20 and following people we signed up :

Tanaka Urayai – from Team Up to Clean – to faciliate logistics

Stewart Kwaramba – Producer to hold the whole idea together

Cliford Chinyayi – Lead Camera

Jared, Rebecca, Joe and Veronica also on the group.

The Two Daniels

Daniel Zanin – helped us reach out to the wider St Georges Community and let them know about the proposed broadcast while Stewart reached out to Daniel from Solution center to get the LiveU Broadcast going.

TEST RUN – Friday 3rd of April 2019 – 15:00

It’s always fanastic to work with organised collaborators.  When we arrived at St George’s Chapel – the team – Fr Joe, Arthur Garande and Darlington were ready with Power, Internet, Music, and the setup.

We did our test broadcast and that took us 2 hours to figure test out two of our three broadcast options :

  1. LiveU – supplied by Solution Centre
  2. BlackMagic Webpresenter – borrowed from TechZim


Contitouch – have supplied brilliant quality internet which allowed us to broadcast in top quality

This is what the final broadcast looked like

The Results :

530 Simultaneous connections

Some of the Comments :

Nicole Connoly – Watching from Vietnam – tuned in and sent this on whatsapp:

Tell father Jo that the Filipinos loved his message and wish they could attend his mass always

Antonia Gonzalez from Gabarone, Botswana

This is such a great initiative!

Edward Chitera

I remember serving as an altar boy on this altar, 26 years later l’m back online allelujah. Happy palm Sunday everyone.

 was an altar boy at this school ( the old chapel) 50 years ago. AMDG.

And now am celebrating Palm Sunday with all of you from Los Angeles. Amazing experience. God bless us all!

Thank you for allowing us to participate in today’s celebration of Passion of Christ.Please broadcast all Easter Triduum Masses and Service for us. We would appreaciate.
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