Assumptions Worksheet

Business assumptions

  1. I believe my customers have a need to _____.
  2. These needs can be solved with _____.
  3. My initial customers are (or will be) _____.
  4. The #1 value a customer wants to get out of my service is _____.
  5. The customer can also get these additional benefits: _____.
  6. I will acquire the majority of my customers through _____.
  7. I will make money by _____.
  8. My primary competition in the market will be _____.
  9. We will beat them due to _____.
  10. My biggest product risk is _____.
  11. We will solve this through _____.
  12. What other assumptions do we have that, if proven false, will cause out business/product to fail? _____.

User assumptions

  1. Who is the user?
  2. Where does our product fit in their work or life?
  3. What problems does our product solve?
  4. When and how is our product used?
  5. What features are important?
  6. How should our product look and behave?
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