Three Things that make a massive impact on the quality of your University Campus Tour

1. Quality/Presence of the Presenter.

Having a good presenter makes a huge difference in a campus tour video. A presenter humanizes the presentation, allows you to imagine yourself in their place and adds a personality to the video. The better the presenter the better the video. It’s actually quite surprising how little effort is put into choosing presenters when the presence of a compelling on-camera speaker presenter can have such a large impact on the quality of the video.

Some universities don’t use presenters in their campus video tours.

2. Quality of the presentation.

What you say and how you say it matters. Telling stories matters. Being engaging really matters. There’s a big difference between someone pointing to a building and saying – “this is the Abraham Lincoln Library… it has millions of books” and saying “this is where Abraham Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg address.”

While facts are important, stories are the things that make us relate to, understand and remember what is being said in a video.

Some universities don’t bother with a presenter or even voice-over and instead just use a series of clips set to music. That’s a wasted opportunity.

3. Quality of the footage

Some schools obviously have chosen to invest very little money or effort into their campus tours. It’s hard for viewers to believe a school’s ‘commitment to excellence’ when their marketing materials don’t represent the school well.

One reason that campus tour videos seem so underfunded is that some universities choose to spend the majority of their video budget on a single big promotional video and then they allocate a very small amount for other promotional videos like campus tours. That’s a mistake. The development of all videos should be a coordinated activity. Adding the cost of a good presenter and a bit of extra editing to a major marketing video project can be minimal if the planning for these videos is done correctly.

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