Job Summary

Do you have a dream to work in media production once you graduate from university / College / Polytech?

Join our team as a production intern and put your creative skills to work as you work in multiple areas of the production process. You will exercise your multitasking abilities as you assist in developing ideas, filming pieces and editing takes by performing any task required, whether it is handling the lighting, conducting research or running errands.

You will have the opportunity to build relationships in the industry to strengthen your chances of finding employment upon graduation while also having an amazing experience as part of our production staff. Employ your organizational skills as you coordinate different aspects of the production to ensure that all aspects remain on time.

Job Responsibilities

  • Assist production staff in developing relevant stories for television, film, online streaming and other platforms.
  • Research topics using a variety of sources, including video archives, the internet, library archives and others as needed.
  • Communicate with writers, directors, managers and other members of staff to ensure a smooth running of the project.
  • Support staff by answering phones, taking detailed notes during meetings, inputting data into the computer and performing other tasks as required.
  • Run errands such as purchasing supplies, props, equipment, food and other necessary items for the project.
  • Produce and edit video content that adheres to company guidelines and standards to share on online channels, including social media and YouTube.
  • Provide assistance as needed in all components of the production, including sound, lighting, camera, editing and postproduction.
  • Perform other duties as requested by staff to ensure all necessary tasks are performed in a proficient manner that adheres to the quality expected from the company.

Jobs Skills & Qualifications


  • Proficient in Microsoft Office | Google Docs and Adobe Pro CC
  • Have your own Laptop for basic work
  • Proven problem-solving skills


  • Excellent verbal and communication skills
  • Working knowledge of social media channels
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Enrolled in accredited college or university with an ability to receive credit (Or Attachment requirement fulfillment)

4 ANNUAL INTAKES – 3 Months minimum Internship.

Month 1 – 3 Unpaid

Month 4 – onwards paid subject to performance.


Courses you will be required to complete while on Internship – include

Intern Application

Intern Application

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