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Service Projects

Faith that does Justice

Project 2 – Is on Hold

Service Projects Marketing Video

(2 – 3 mins length)

Video 1 Details
We send a detailed budget projection based on information provided by the client.

DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS : Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Website

FEATURES / DIFFERENTIATORS : Corporate Responsibility Video | Voice Over | Visuals + Music  

Video 1 is a Corporate Responsibility marketing video for Service Projects. The video is designed to be low to high energy, informative and entertaining and it consists of voice-over/narration and relevant visuals accompanied by background music.

Cost of Video = RTGS $6,777 US$ 2,259

Delivery Time From Last – Shoot Date- 5 days (This is project dependent)

How Service Projects Work

(3 – 5 mins length)

Video 2 Details
DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS : Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Website

FEATURES / DIFFERENTIATORS : Branded Informational Video |Voice Over | Visuals + Music  

This is a Branded Informational video which is designed to educate the viewer on how Service Projects work and what they entail.  This video should increase awareness and desire and inspire viewers to consider playing a part in this initiative.

Cost of Video = RTGS $1,165 US$388-33

Delivery Time From Shoot Date- 5 days

Annual Recap of Service Projects 2019

(5 – 7 mins length)

Video 3 Details
DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS : Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Website

FEATURES / DIFFERENTIATORS : Branded Mini Documentary Video | Visuals|Voice Over I Music

This is a more comprehensive, mini documentary video which covers the work done under Service Projects for 2019.  The proposed video is informative and holistic and includes interviews with the boys, staff advisors, agency supervisors and the project co-ordinator. It also includes footage of the different aspects of the Service Projects journey.

Cost of Video = RTGS $1,675 US$558-33

Delivery Time From Shoot Date- 7 days

Lenten Campaign

Introduction :


Jesuit education is intended as a preparation for a life of active, social commitment. Students of Jesuit Colleges and thus students of St George’s College are encouraged to understand their own ‘place’ in the world, in terms of educational and socio-economic opportunities, and to use these opportunities in compassionate service of others, especially those whose opportunities have been less than theirs or who are the victims of poverty and injustice.

The 3 week ‘Service Projects’ that our Lower Sixth students embark on exposes them to the wider world of the underprivileged. The mission of the Church and in turn the mission of Jesuit schools is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in this way to build the Kingdom by serving and humanising the world and giving glory to God. The community outside the College gates needs our service, our witness and our active participation so that Christ may be present in the world.

Purpose :

The purpose of the Service Projects videos is to cover 2019 Service Projects in order to use these videos as a tool to market the College and educate viewers about the Service Projects initiative.


Vision :

Service Projects are a unique selling point for the College. The vision of creating these video is to increase awareness about Service Projects in order to generate leads and attract new customers to the St. George’s brand.


Tone :

The tone of the videos is initially low energy building up to high energy, while remaining informative and entertaining to the viewer.


Target Market :

The target market for the video content is current and prospective students and parents of St. George’s as well as Old Georgians.


Distribution :

The video content will be distributed on St. George’s various social networking sites e.g. Facebook, Whatsapp, Vimeo as well as other video sharing platforms such as YouTube.  The videos will also be flighted on the school’s website.

Call To Action :

The videos should inspire and encourage viewers to support the Service Projects initiative and to assist the boys in their efforts to raise funds for the different Agencies under the programme.


Discussion on Service Project Video
10 Jan – Begin discussions on the Service Projects Video
Introduction to Feedback Tool
10 Jan – we had a chance to introduce the new video feedback tool to Doug Trivella and this means that we will no longer be sending video content via Whatsapp to prevent the unexpected and unapproved distribution of Videos.

The New Area 46 Video Feedback tool is a very simple way to give specific feedback and allows you the client to SAVE time and to give timely feedback.  (Estimated time saved is 20min (on video that is 5mins long) – the new tool also allows all the feedback to be in one location instead of several.

The tool is available on Mobile and on Desktop

Research on Service Projects

Meeting to hear about how the service projects work

Meeting with the Advisors

Area 46 producer Stewart was introduced to the Service Project Advisors to make the video filming process smoother

Introduction to Explainer Videos

Please visit this link to see several formats and examples of explainer videos


Budget Presentation
We send a detailed budget projection based on information provided by the client.
Script Presentation
Client to sign off on the script
Storyboard Outline
Storyboard – Shot list to be formalised



Agency Info


St Giles School

Agency Info


St Rupert Mayer Mission

Agency Info

V. Haddad

St Joseph's Primary Sch

Agency Info

T. Gwariro

St.Peters Primary School

Agency Info


Harare Central Prisons School

Agency Info


Missionaries Of Charity

Agency Info


St Catherine's

Agency Info


St Giles Rehab Centre

Agency Info


Crowhill School

Agency Info


J. Jiri Southerton

Agency Info


Ruvimbo Special School

Agency Info


Tomlinson Depot School

Agency Info



Agency Info



Agency Info


Emerald Hill Deaf School

Agency Info


B S Leon Home

Agency Info


J. Jiri Waterfalls

Agency Info


St Marcellin Children's Village

Agency Info


Shingirai Primary School

Agency Info



Agency Info


Emerald Hill Childrens Home

Agency Info



Agency Info


Crossover School

Agency Info


Kufunda Village

Agency Info


Glenview 4 Government School

Agency Info



Advisor 1

Agency Info

Advisor 2

Agency Info

Advisor 3

Agency Info

Advisor 4

Agency Info

Opening of the Michael Ross Science Centre

Official Opening by President of Zimbabwe - HE Emmerson Mnangagwa
Project 1 – Completed and Delivered


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