Great Schools Use Video to Drive Their Enrollment

Why Best Schools Use Video?


Better Conversion


Stronger engagement




Increase in traffic

Parents prefer video


Often the search for a school starts online using Google. While having an easy to navigate, dynamic, well designed website is a good starting point, there is so much more that can be done. That is where we come in. As professional marketers, we understand the importance of traditional and digital marketing and how to use it to its full potential. We know what needs to be done to ensure that parents searching for a school will find you and that the information that is presented to them will answer their questions.

Why Choose Area46 Productions?

Engage your audience on social media and generate leads using video in your content marketing. Our subscription-based video production services help mitigate the unpredictability of costs and timelines, while we help you to iterate over time to maximize results.

Different Formats

There are three service options for different budgets and quality and customisation requirements.

Our Process. All In 72 Hours

Order Your Video

Select a product, style, format for your video, and answer few simple questions about your hotel.

Upload Your Content

Upload photos and videos of your hotel that you have.

We Work You Rest

Our professional team prepares a screenplay and starts making your video while you take a break.

Review The First Cut

We produce the first cut of your video and send it for your review. After we get your comments we prepare the final cut.

Make The Video Work for You

Unlock full potential of your new video in social media, internet and e-mail marketing. Engage your customers and drive bookings.

Education Videos That Work

Schools Intro – This is the best in the field way to share information about the Students means and norms and on campus lifeforms. 

School Campus Visual Tours This is the best in the field way to promote your schools ethos.

Testimonials  – This is the best in the field way to share information about the Teachers and the Leadership Team

Event Highlights Videos –  The best way to capture memorable events like Sports days , Official launches and Religious events. .

School Projects Fundraising VideoThis is the best in the field way to  reach out for that extra necessary funding for school projects. 

Overview This is the best in the field way to share information about the School, Teachers , Facilities  and Students generally everything.

Sports/ Clubs Team VideosThis is the best in the field way to share information about the school campus the numerous facilities available and interviews of students in their respective extracurricular  activities .

Our Process – Within 3 Days

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Select from our range of professionally designed video style guides the style that meets your establisment

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