We are committed to sponsorship within Zimbabwe and are keen to work with Companies and Events that are committed to growing over the next 3 years.

Our CEO – Joseph Bunga, sees sponsorship as vital in our marketing strategy. “We believe sponsorships are one of the best ways to connect with our customers. They allow us to share and support their interests and to build a closer relationship with them,” he said.

If you’re interested in submitting a sponsorship proposal to Area 46 please complete the request form

Welcome to the Area 46 Sponsorship Request Page

Thank you for considering Area 46 Productions as a potential partner to share your journey with.

Throughout our 10 year history, sponsorship has played a pivotal role in building the Area 46 Productions & Our Sub Brands such as Battle of the Chefs brand and driving our business on a regional scale. Sponsorship helps provide a physical demonstration of our brand values and has an ability to engage potential and existing customers in a unique way.

For us, meaningful sponsorships are the biggest living embodiment of our communications strategy. Through uniting consumers’ passions, the goal of our sponsorships is to encourage and enable fans to share enriching new experiences with like-minded people, regardless of where they are from.  

Is your proposal right for AREA 46 PRODUCTIONS?

We look for sponsorships that will help form positive associations of the Area 46 Productions brand with our customers, while drawing people and cultures together. In particular, we look for sponsorship properties that:

  • Connect people of different backgrounds with new experiences, based on a shared interest/ passion
  • Provide a high-profile, dynamic platform for integrated communication and consumer engagement
  • Differentiate our brand from those of our competitors & our customers competitors
  • Have the ability to provide/create moments of inspiration and celebration
  • Deliver incremental business opportunities

Sponsorship considerations

As a truly forward looking brand, we attract a huge amount of sponsorship requests. In order to meet our sponsorship objectives, it is Area 46 Productions’ policy not to sponsor the following:

  • Individuals
  • One-off events
  • Political or religious associations
  • Properties involved with other Video Production Companies
  • An event which is due to commence within the next three months

We also are unable to consider sponsorship of charitable organisations or initiatives as Area 46 Production has its own charities that we support.

Next steps

Thank you again for your interest in Area 46 Productions. If you believe that your sponsorship proposal is right for us, please kindly fill out this short Sponsorship Request Form. All requests will be processed within four to six weeks and we will be in touch via email once we have made a decision.



Sponsorship Form

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