If you are in Harare Zimbabwe and have recently lost someone near and dear to you and you now have the onerous task of preparing a live broadcast – ZOOM | YouTube or even Facebook Live – then here are a few steps we think will help you get you off the ground.

Our recommendation is that you use Youtube rather than Zoom – this will help minimise the constant need to remind people to put their mics on Mute.

Let’s assume for now that you have chosen to go the Youtube Route :

  1. Ensure that you pick a youtube channel and have it cleared for live broadcasting by Youtube (There is a minimum 24hour period if you have never used your channel for live broadcasting)
  2. Once you have chosen your channel -create a thumbnail – size 1920px X 1080px and include the following details – Name – title – eg celebration of the life of & date and time
  3. Create a scheduled broadcast time and upload the thumbnail to this and share with friends and family the link that has been created by Youtube
  4. Check with the venue if they have a stable wifi link for you to use – a minimum of 5mbps to upload would be good – you can use www.fast.co.zw to check the speed.
  5. If you planning to use a single phone to broadcast – make suer that you have enough battery power to last the whole of the broadcast.
  6. Audio – this is where it tends to get tricky – if you have an external mic that you can plug into you phone great other try an position your self either close to the speaker or neare the PA system Speaker so that you get the best possible audio.
  7. We would recommend nomimating someone who has a little bit of experience with broadcasting using their phone to get this job done well
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